What Will Be The Biggest Interior Trends Of 2021?

After the long year we have all endured, we have good reason to rejoice when it comes to thinking of the forthcoming interior design trends of 2021. Upon analysing the trends of Pinterest, Google and credible retailers, alongside confiding with fellow experts and high profile designers, we are now enriched with knowledge of which enables us to predict the following trends for the year ahead:

Earthy Palettes and Textures

Emerging from the era of grey and crushed velvet, warm and earthy tones are back. The soothing and friendly feel of oatmeal and sandy shades encourages a calming foundation for you to build upon using both specifically chosen and statement pieces. Additionally, neutrals are often described as ‘very liveable colours’, they are modernly used to counter and soothe deeper colours such as midnight blues. The use of earthy palettes within the home enables you to build vibrancy and focus on staple pieces such as chairs, rugs and cushions. The use of bold coloured accessories to contrast the earthy tones means they will be accentuated; and rotated amongst other items at the owner's discretion.

Home offices

The last 12 months have proven just how imperative it is to have a dedicated work space within your home; a place which enables you to concentrate and sets you aside from household distractions. The necessity to seclude yourself from tempting distractions such as snacks, TV and pets means that home offices are predicted to be in towering demand this year - will you be one to adapt to having a work-friendly, sophisticated space within your home? The furnishing qualities of a home office requires careful consideration; the dedicated space should be thought inducing, comfortable and encouraging of you to complete your work. If you’re desiring more than a flat pack desk and broken swivel chair, contact Katie Malik Interiors today - our expertise and experience of Interior Design in London has enriched us with everything you may need to know about converting an area into an office.

Cottage Core

Cottage core is a style which evokes nostalgia and gives a sense of traditional and comforting home life; as that is a characteristic that was popular a little more last year, it is no surprise searches for this interior style went up by 5950%. Cottage core draws inspiration from quaint british countryside - think of rural chic, vintage prints and wool/linen materials. It is a style of which is seemingly simplistic - minimalist accessories such as gilded cutlery and vintage barware can be incorporated to add touches of glamour and luxurious traditional style.

Global influence

The distinct absence of travel from our lives in the past year is becoming evident in the interior of our homes - we are all seemingly seeking to captivate exotic culture and emit some vacation vibrancy into our lives. From Australian landscapes to Indian interiors, and the featuring of french antiques, this year is going to be all about captivating the essence of global influences. This re-emerging trend of cool and earthy tones means that ‘global influence’ pieces can be incorporated effortlessly, to be infinitely complementary to a room - this combination will undeniably dominate 2021.

Pink / Blush colour paint

It is not a conventional colour to consider when redecorating however, the use of pink / blush colours on your walls will give your home an elevated sense of sophisticated vibrancy. The spectrum pink varies immensely; there are all sorts of deep romantic colours, fleshy finishes and peachy tones to choose from. Despite its initially feminine ambience, interior designers take to peachy pinks due to their versatility in pairing with other colours and textures. Combining pinks with grey or black colours evokes an industrial or edgy feel - the colour will also complement tiles, concrete, marble or warm brass for a chic and modern feel. Adored for its cheerful and playful potential, we can expect to see many more pink paints this year; particularly in painted spaces of which were previously reserved for white only.

Your home is your sanctuary therefore it should always be tailored to you, your needs and your taste. Should you wish to embark on a transformation of your interior, do not hesitate to get in touch with us today. Katie Malik Interiors is notorious, award winning interior designer based in Cambridge serving Cambridgeshire, Home Counties & London.