A while ago, I wrote a post entitled ‘Top myths about interior designers’, in which I tried to dispel the myth about Interior designers being unaffordable, and how involving one in your project could actually save you money.

Today, I’d like to write about who interior designers truly are, which might be very helpful for anybody who’s thinking of becoming one 😉

The reason why I love my job is precisely because of everything you’re going to read about below, but I also hope that it will be a bit entertaining to read what is actually hidden behind the job of an interior designer, as the name of the profession sometimes is referred to (I heard it myself a couple of times), ‘a cushion fluffer’…

Interior designers (who work on their own!) are:

1) Team assemblers– we build teams (suppliers, contractors, subcontractors, engineers, architects), without which a project cannot be completed;

2) Psychologists– we need to understand our clients, our team members, our suppliers, subcontractors, delivery men etc.;

3) Marketers– we have to advertise if we want to make business;

4) Researchers– we need to be quite good at finding information and products; the quicker & cheaper, the better;

5) Problem-solvers– we constantly solve problems; there’s no project on this planet which would run without even the smallest problem; it’s the way we look at the problem and how quickly and effectively we can find a solution that enables us to run projects;

6) Specifiers– we specify everything, from a fabric, to a sofa, paint colour, bespoke piece of furniture etc. the list is endless

7) Time keepers– we need to make sure everything and everyone is on time;

8) Document creators– yes, we do create a lot of documents; behind a beautifully design room, there’s probably a bunch of them;

9) Schedulers- without a good schedule, nothing can be ordered, and without materials or pieces needed to complete the project, nothing goes forward; and this is just one type of a schedule interior designers create…

10) Errand-runners– yes, we have to run errands, especially when we manage a project;

11) Financial planners– monitoring the budgets, spending, payments, invoices etc.;

12) Cat herders– getting people to do what they are supposed to do when they are supposed to do it (known also as managing people 😉

13) Paperwork pushers– ah, some suppliers just don’t understand that projects don’t have timescales…for example;

14) Shoppers– one of my favourite aspects of the job; buying is absolutely essential, so if you don’t like shopping, probably not the best job for you;

15) Organisers– organising people, deliveries, materials, furniture etc.

16) ETC.

For all the reasons above, I absolutely love being an interior designer, I just never get bored and get to use so many skills! Is it the right job for you? I hope this post has helped you understand what is really involved in a job.

It’s all worth it!