The Katie Malik Interiors Design Process

Our advanced team of interior design industry experts will attentively work with you on your project to ensure the space you are revitalising or creating is both a beautiful and practical one. We at Katie Malik Interiors will always strive to make the design or home renovation process an enjoyable one - we will take the stress from you and apply our expertise accordingly. 


We like to take a holistic and organic approach to the way individuals use and enjoy their space; this enables us to create the best interior designs for them. If you would like to get in touch with a member of our prestigious design team, contact us today!

01 The brief

Our first stage of a project is the brief; it is here that we like to take the opportunity to really get to know our clients. We strive to familiarise ourselves with their needs and their aspirations. A client’s lifestyle and other competing factors, such as time frames and budgets, will all be explored and considered. 


Upon the completion of our initial meeting, KM Interiors will prepare a ‘Fee Proposal’, detailing the services that you are looking to pursue and detailing the method of payment etc.

02 The concept

Our design concept will come a product of the initial detailed brief. The Concept will consist of electrical and lighting layouts, finishes, fixtures, proposed furniture, and fabrics. It is at this stage that we invite and encourage our clients to provide as much feedback and additional input as they can think of, This process will be supported by sketches of the interior space - enabling us to demonstrate to the client and assisting the designers in developing the next stage.

03 The developed design

The Developed Design stage is one of which the designs progress to be more in-depth and detailed. As a client, your interior design expert will show you alternative and revised layouts, additional furniture you would feature, complimentary accessories, joinery drawings, and final finishes. 

Additionally, this developed design stage will include photorealistic imagery of the prospective interior design and layout - we enjoy this stage as it helps our clients to visualise the final design, make any amendments, and ultimately brings it all to life.

04 The Design Installation

After the client has completed the final sign-off, KM Interiors will begin to prepare the schedule of works - the installation of our design and any additional furnishing. We also carry the service of project coordinating, where the entire design and build will be attended to - from any crucial structural changes to the final and finishing accessory. 

If you would like to further enquire about working with us at Katie Malik Interiors - contact us today! We practice a range of interior design and renovation services in London, Cambridge, and surrounding areas. Our website details press that we feature in, details portfolios where you are able to explore our work, and of course, testimonials from our diverse clientele.