procurement & sourcing

Interiors are as much about what you put in a space as how you decorate it. As such, taking care of design is only the beginning of what we at Katie Malik Interiors can do for you. Once we understand your vision and gain your approval, the intensive task of procurement and sourcing begins.

We approach every project with a focus on transforming the look and feel of the space through the use of colour, light, finishes, furniture and fixtures. Rather than advising work that you don’t need, we aim to find the ideal items to bring your home or commercial space to life. This way, we can keep costs and disruption down while still ensuring we deliver your unique vision.

01 only the best for your interior project

Since our early beginnings back in 2014, KM Interiors has been working hard to develop a broad list of trusted suppliers for use during the procurement stage. That’s because we’ve seen first-hand how quality procurement can take an interior project to the next level. As such, we will turn to only the best in sourcing every single item for your space, all with your personal outlined budget and timeline at the forefront of our priorities. 

When you work with us, you can ensure that you don’t have to feel uncomfortable at home for long. Or, you can guarantee a set date for your business opening. All you need to do is outline these needs clearly during your initial meeting. We’ll then approach procurement with each of your personal preferences close to hand. 

02 making interiors easy at last

While many of us assume that the design stage will be the most time-consuming, that’s something of a falsehood. Anyone who has attempted an interior design project themselves will be all too aware that procurement is a whole lot harder. You know what you want, after all, but finding each unique piece to the standards you have in mind can be tricky. That’s where our team of interior design experts come in. We have extensive experience in procurement and sourcing, meaning that we can take the stress out of this stage of interior design at last by taking care of niggly tasks including –

  • Sourcing of all purchases

  • Tracking and expediting each item

  • Providing detailed purchase reports

  • Following up with vendors where necessary

  • Supervising installation on all purchased items

Our well-established relationships with a wide variety of suppliers can also ensure that we save you money and remain well within your outlined budget. All while providing the high-quality finishes we pride ourselves on.

03 bringing your vision to life

While we provide material examples and photorealistic imagery for your interiors during the planning stage, it isn’t the same as seeing your vision come to life. A sheet of paper or a paint sample can only take you so far, after all. Yet, the moment we begin procurement and sourcing, you’ll be able to sit back and watch your vision come to life before your eyes.