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We work with you to ensure your space is both beautiful and practical and make the design process an enjoyable one. We take a holistic view of the way you use and enjoy your space to create the best design solutions. Contact us today to discuss your project. 

01 the design package

The interiors of any space are incredibly personal. The right designs can ensure you always feel settled in your home by guaranteeing that it lives up to your unique vision. Or, they can send the right business impression and help your staff to achieve the desired levels of productivity.

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02 the design consultation

We at KM Interiors have been delivering amazing interiors for businesses and homeowners since 2014. During those six years, we’ve realised that the client is ALWAYS the most important thing As far as we’re concerned, there’s no better outcome than sharing your vision and seeing it come to life.

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03 project co-ordination

Keeping on top of an interior project can be a challenging task. Your efforts to improve your chosen space can soon turn into a spiral of endless phone calls and delivery dates. You’ll have to deal with untrustworthy suppliers, and even no-show contractors setting your project back.

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04 procurement and sourcing

Interiors are as much about what you put in a space as how you decorate it. As such, taking care of design is only the beginning of what we at Katie Malik Interiors can do for you. Once we understand your vision and gain your approval, the intensive task of procurement and sourcing begins.


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05 bespoke joinery design

Whether you’re embarking on a new kitchen or a space-saving living room design, bespoke joinery services like those offered by KM Interiors can work wonders for bringing your vision to life. Quality joinery may not be as apparent a priority as decor or furniture, but this is often what provides the wow-factor on any project.

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06 bespoke furniture design

Interior design is all about bringing your vision to life, and furniture is a substantial part of that. This is so much the case that you could entirely ruin your efforts towards the right layout or decoration with the wrong furniture selections.

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