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shaker style kitchen

Brief:  Opening a space between a dining room, kitchen and conservatory including a bespoke dog gate, creating serene and airy shaker style kitchen with a breakfast bar, and ample storage space, cosy reading corner and a functional, yet stylish dining room. Connecting inside and outside; the patio to have a dining and lounging zones.

What we did: Katie Malik Interiors was asked to completely redesign the existing kitchen. We prepared the new layouts, designed a new kitchen, prepared all specifications of FF&E items, managed procurement, installations and the built of both internal and external space.

Client: Private

Location: Cambridgeshire, UK


Completion date: April 2015

Photography credit: Adrian from Photovisions

Site survey: misch_MISCH ltd:

Corrections of the site survey: Aneta Kepka, AK Design on behalf of Katie Malik Interiors