the design package

The interiors of any space are incredibly personal. The right interior design process can ensure you always feel settled in your home by guaranteeing that it lives up to your unique vision. Or, they can send the right business impression and help your staff to achieve the desired levels of productivity. In short; interiors matter a great deal. Sadly, finding the time and know-how to take care of designs yourself isn’t always easy. That’s where interior designers come in.


We here at Katie Malik Interiors can bring your interior design project to life so that you don’t have to. Working from our Cambridge-based interior design studio, we can create sophisticated design solutions completed to the highest standards. If you’ve never worked with an interior designer before, though, we understand that you may have some reservations about handing over control on a project so close to your heart. That’s why we take time over our design brief packages to ensure we’re always working towards your vision.



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01 understanding your personality and style

The moment you contact a member of our team, we’ll arrange an initial meeting with you so that we can begin to share your interior vision from the start. To give you the best interiors possible, we need to know what makes you tick, and also what you’re hoping for from your space. During this initial consultation, we’ll work to understand things like your interior needs, your personality, and your aspirations. We’ll also take this time to understand any lifestyle factors which affect your project such as –

  • A set budget

  • A specific timeline

  • The scale of your vision

In short; this is our chance to put you at the heart of the project. We will then work to match 100% of our design process to your personal preferences.

02 our design process

Once we know a little bit more about you and your project needs, we’ll dedicate ourselves to developing your complete design proposal. Within our complete design brief package, we’ll provide you with –

  • A complete design proposal (including plans)

  • 3D sketches

  • Photorealistic visuals

  • Samples of proposed materials and finishes

At this stage, we’ll also prepare a fee proposal, where we’ll outline the services we’re recommending and the fees involved with each.

03 feedback from you

Of course, our design brief is all about understanding what you want. That’s why we will then bring the brief package to you for feedback. When you work with KM Interiors, nothing is set in stone until you give us the go-ahead. As such, we won’t move onto the next stage until our designs have received your seal of approval. Once you give us the go-ahead, we’ll then develop detailed technical drawings to implement your design ideas. 

Once you’ve also approved these, we will be in the best position to move forward onto the concept stage while sharing your vision at all times. We’ll also then start looking for the best contractors and suppliers who can begin to bring your interior ideas to life at last.